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Academic Support

Part of the Center for Student Success and Engagement (CSSE), Academic Support provides help to students already enrolled in the College, college-bound high school students, and adults returning to higher education, all of whom may need training or enhancement of basic skills.

Tutor Exchange Network

Academic Support offers tutoring to enrolled students through the Tutor Exchange Network (TEN). Tutorials are delivered in small groups by qualified peer tutors. Requests can be submitted during the first eight weeks of the fall and spring terms. If a student, after first contacting his/her instructor, continues to experience difficulty in a course, then it is appropriate to seek assistance through TEN. If a tutor is available, a tutorial group may be established. Students are also made aware of other resources on campus throughout this process.

Request a Tutuor Online

Clicking on this link will bring you to the Banner Self-Service. Log in with your A# and PIN. Complete the form and submit. A member of the CSSE staff will be in touch.

Students wishing to be tutors need to have a 2.5 overall GPA, have at least a B in the course they wish to tutor, and have two faculty references. Interested applicants are encouraged to email Donna Poulton to request a tutor application or stop by the CSSE office, top level of Eldridge. Being a tutor is a great way to serve your peers, as well as to acquire skills that will be useful for graduate school and/or the workplace.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is a peer-facilitated study group designed to impact the way students learn difficult content in a specific course. SI is attached to course sections to provide students with a structured approach for processing the course material assigned by the instructor. SI is an internationally recognized program provided here at MCLA.

Why Attend SI?

  • Have questions answered about class material
  • Improve study skills
  • Build relationships in your class or major
  • Engage in activities that promote creative learning
  • Guaranteed study time to free up your schedule
    • See national data on how low final course grades (D's, F's, and Withdrawals) drop in courses with SI support.
    • See MCLA data from our most recent semester on how low final course grades (D's, F's, and Withdrawals) drop in courses with SI support.

What Courses are Supported by SI this Semester?

BIOL 150 (Hamaoui)
CHEM 150 (Dehner)
CHEM 201 (Harris)
POSC 201 (Pettey)
POSC 202 (Cupery)

Disability Resources

Students with disabilities who wish to access accommodations are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource office at 413-662-5318. The Disability Resource office will work individually with students to determine reasonable accommodations. Based on the student's documentation, an accommodation plan is developed to facilitate equal access.

Skills Courses

Some students need to improve basic skills before enrolling in introductory courses or want to review skills when taking introductory courses. The course work provides specific study and problem solving approaches to learning. Emphasis is placed on the development of efficient reading, writing, and math skills.

Academic Support provides a number of services to students. Below is a description of our developmental math course:

SKIL-096 - Math for College (3 additive credits). Provides the means for students to develop mathematical literacy by reviewing computational skills, selected algebraic functions, and other selected math topics. Students will acquire quantitative sense and confidence to prepare for core curriculum or foundation courses in quantitative skills. Course includes initial diagnostic placement test, which determines specific content units to be covered. The course is individualized and includes small and large group instruction.

Students are enrolled in this course based on high school math grades, SAT/ACT math subtest scores and intended college major.

Credits: Courses with a subject abbreviation of SKIL are awarded additive credits. These credits are not used to meet graduation requirements. However, the grades earned in SKIL courses are calculated into the student's GPA. They also count towards a student's full time enrollment status.

Grades in SKIL courses: Standard letter grade notations are used in SKIL courses.

Academic Support staff members are available to assist with academic advising and planning.

Writing Studio/STEM Associates:

The Writing Studio works with students in various stages of the writing process. Click on the blue text for information on the Writing Studio or to schedule an appointment with a Writing Associate in our studio. STEM Associates are available on a drop-in basis to help students with science and math questions/assignments. Contact a member of the CSSE staff (top level of Eldridge) for available hours.

Stop by or Get in Touch

For Academic Support/CSSE

Eldridge Hall, top level 413.662.5314


Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 4:45
Evening hours by appointment

Academic Support Staff

Donna Poulton
Administrative Assistant

Cassie Rochelo
Academic Support Coordinator

Disability Resources Staff

Cindy MacDonald
Assistant Director of Disability Resources

Tammy Russell
Accessibility Specialist, Disability Services