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Writing Studio

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: All Writing Studio appointments for Spring 2020 will be moved online starting Monday March 30th.

To make an online appointment, scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Schedule Appointment.” Be sure to fill out all of the required information on our appointment form and be especially thorough when describing what specifically you would like feedback on as we can’t ask you in person. Finally, attach your paper in Microsoft Word format, along with the essay prompt and other supporting materials, to your appointment form.

Please note that, just like the usual in-person sessions, the Writing Associate you work with will not be "fixing" your paper for you. Instead, they will use the Microsoft Word commenting function to ask clarifying questions, point to grammatical patterns, and so forth. They will also draft an end comment summarizing their marginal comments to help you prioritize. If applicable, they might also include links to online resources that may be useful to you as you revise and self-edit.

The Writing Associate you’re working with will attempt to comment on the attached file during your scheduled appointment time, but please be flexible and allow up to 1 day in case of emergencies. Once the Writing Associate is finished commenting, they will upload the paper they commented on to your existing appointment and you’ll be notified via email.

Please note that Writing Associates are still limited to one-hour appointment blocks, so they may not be able to comment on a very long, or complicated, paper in its entirety. In that case, please make another appointment, or draw from feedback you received at the beginning of your paper to self-revise the rest of your paper. Writers can make two appointments per week, up to five days in advance.

Thank you for your patience as we try online tutoring for the first time!

Our Philosophy

The MCLA Writing Studio is a space where writers collaborate and create. All writers, from first-year students to faculty members, are welcome. Our trained writing associates will collaborate with writers at any stage of the writing process: from understanding assignments and brainstorming ideas to planning, revising and polishing final drafts. Students and faculty are also invited to schedule writing group meetings and writing events when our studio space is available. Come for a conversation about a text you are writing and leave with more confidence in yourself as a writer.

Our Services

  • All members of the MCLA community are welcome to free individual consultations with trained writing associates. Make an appointment or walk in.
  • Faculty and students are invited to schedule writing groups or events in our studio space when it is available.
  • Faculty are invited to schedule individual consultations and group workshops on writing pedagogy with the Writing Across the Curriculum specialist.


Murdock Hall, Room 120

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

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Writing Associate Sessions

What to Expect

Whether in-person or online, view your writing associate session as a conversation: be ready to take an active role in your appointment and to answer questions the writing associate has so that your ideas and your voice comes through in your paper. Taking an active role in your session will help you become an independent writer, capable of self-revising and editing future papers on your own.

What to Bring

  • The assignment prompt or directions from your professor and and any other materials you plan to use
  • A printed hard copy of your draft
  • Your own ideas and questions

Types of Appointments

  • Appointment-based session: Use the link to the online scheduler below to secure yourself an in-person appointment. Just click on an open time slot in the scheduler and follow the directions. Appointments for in-person sessions are recommended and preferred.
  • Walk-in session: Show up and wait for the next available writing associate. Walk-ins are not advised during mid-terms or finals
  • Online session: If you absolutely cannot be present for an in-person appointment, please log into, click on the Writing/Stem Associates button, and follow the directions to upload your paper. Note that in-person sessions (including walk-ins) take priority over online sessions. Writing Associates will reply to your request as soon as they're available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of writing can I bring?

You can bring any type of writing to your writing associate session, from research papers, to literature reviews, to poems, to business memos, to resumes and cover letters.

What should I do if there are not any appointments available?

Use the online scheduler to sign up for notifications when a slot opens up on the schedule or show up as a walk-in in case an appointment finishes early.

What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Please use the online scheduler to cancel your appointment at least 2 hours in advance.

What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?

If you miss three appointments without canceling in advance, you will not be allowed to schedule an appointment using our online service for the rest of the semester. You can try for a walk-in session, however.

What if I am late for my appointment?

Writing associates will wait 10 minutes and then start accepting walk-in appointments.

Will my instructor know I went to the Writing Studio?

At the end of your appointment, your writing associate will ask your permission to send your instructor an email about the session. It’s up to you whether you'd like to notify your instructor about what you worked on in the session.