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Undergraduate Programs

What are your plans for the future? MCLA will provide the knowledge and skills to put you on the road to success. Check out our list of majors – many options await you.

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The art major features hands-on courses in the creation and techniques of art, as well as courses in visual culture and media.

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Arts Management

This program bridges the world of arts with leadership, managerial, financial and programming skills to bring the work to life.

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Athletic Training

The athletic training major integrates both liberal arts and professional studies to provide a comprehensive and challenging education program.

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The Biology program curriculum explores the field of biology from the molecular and cellular level to the level of populations and ecosystems.

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Business Administration

The Business Administration program is designed to develop the knowledge, problem-solving abilities and ethical values necessary for successful careers.

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This major will provide a working knowledge of chemistry by examining the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter.

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Community Health Education

Community health educators teach individuals and groups about healthy habits and behaviors, with focus on promoting health and preventing disease.

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Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with one of four concentrations.

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Educating outstanding teachers has been a core of our mission since our founding as the North Adams Normal School in 1894.

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The English/Communications program offers a broad background in literature, language, and media through foundation courses as well as specialized study.

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Environmental Studies

Environmental studies program study human activities and their effects on natural systems through coursework, fieldwork, research and internships.

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Health Sciences

Health Sciences provides a strong education in the structure and function of the body, with concentrations in Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy and Medical Technology.

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In the History program students can pursue different fields of history depending upon their intellectual and career interests.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides critical thinking, research, and writing skills that prepare for life in an increasingly interconnected world.

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The Department of Mathematics fosters insights and solutions to a variety of problems through symbolic or numerical analysis.

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Performing Arts

This department prepares you for a career in music, music publishing, theatre, production, and artistic design.

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Through reading, discussing and writing about philosophical texts and issues, this program challenges students to bring a critical and constructive attitude to every aspect of their lives

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Students have the opportunity to study basic physical laws of nature, apply these laws in the laboratory, and explore practical applications found in society.

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Political Science

Students gain expertise in American and international politics and develop skills - such as research and public speaking - that prepare them for careers in politics, law, business, public service and beyond.

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This department offers the opportunity for students to study principles of human growth and development and the processes of learning, cognition, and emotion.

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Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work

This program offers a range of coursework and supervised learning opportunities that produce critical and holistic understandings of social/cultural behavior.

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Unsure of a Major?

You’re not alone – 50+ areas of study is a lot to choose from. Many students just out of high school are unsure of what career path they should follow. We can help. The Center for Student Success and Engagement in Eldrige Hall has lots of experience helping students find their perfect niche.

Graduate Programs

MCLA’s versatile graduate programs are designed to help working professionals return to school to further their careers and forge lasting professional networks.

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Master of Business Administration

Designed for professionals possessing a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and five years of relevant experience.

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Master of Education

Prepares students for leadership roles as a master teacher, specialist, administrator, policy maker, or other education professional.

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Leadership Academy/CAGS

Prepares candidates to serve as highly effective leaders of educational institutions and active citizens in their communities.

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Bachelor Degree Completion

We offer affordable and flexible opportunities to meet the needs of people like you - people who are working to build and advance knowledge and skill in their chosen professional areas.

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Bachelor Degree Completion

Designed to support non-traditional students aspiring to complete a bachelor's degree, these seven-semester programs meet on Thursday evenings in downtown Pittsfield.

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Summer @ MCLA

MCLA continues to expand the number and range of online, hybrid, and evening courses offered each summer, striving to accommodate the busy schedules of working adults, undergraduates, and high school students. We also offer professional development opportunities for educators, along with a variety of summer camps and sports clinics for kids.

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Summer Courses

MCLA offers a range of popular courses in flexible formats, presenting adults with an opportunity to explore a return to college, and giving undergraduate or high school students a chance to accelerate their college careers.

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Summer Camps

Summer camp experiences for kids includes the popular Science & Robotics Camp, an Advanced Robotics Camp, Young Hacks Computer Programming Camps, and a brand new Creative Writing Camp. MCLA also hosts multi-day Basketball and Volleyball sports clinics.

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