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Estimated Costs

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Estimated Annual College Costs and Expenses

The following breakdown of average college costs and expenses is provided to assist you in determining your yearly costs. These amounts are used in determining financial aid. They are intended to reflect the typical total cost of attendance for a nine-month period as a full-time student. They include average expenses for tuition, fees, room, board and out-of-pocket items such as books and transportation. Your bill will only include direct college costs such as tuition, fees, room and board (if you plan to live on campus).

The figures listed below are only estimated costs for the academic year.

 In-stateIn-stateOut-of-stateNY/So. Vermont
 DormParent's HomeDormResidents*
Tuition and Fees$10,135$10,135$19,008$10,650
Room & Board$11,234 $11,234$11,234
Total Billed Charges*$21,369$10,135$30,629$21,884

Estimated Expenses
Books & Supplies$1,200$1,200$1,200$1,200
Transportation   $800$1,200   $800   $800

*Southern VT residents qualify for the annual $8,400 tuition reduction based on the “proximity rule”; all NY residents who qualify for admission are eligible for the reduction through the MCLA Advantage NY Program; NEBHE provides the annual reduction to ME and RI students majoring in English/Communications. RI students majoring in Athletic Training and CT, NH, RI and VT students majoring in Arts Management.

Net Price Calculator

Questions about your bill? Need to make a payment or find out how to waive your health insurance? Visit the Student Accounts / Bursar's Office to find out more.