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Student Life

Undergraduate Experience

New Students Welcome Week and Convocation

The beginning of school is an exciting time for the campus and for our new students. Our program is sure to engage you in the spirit of our campus through community sharing opportunities, academic life components as well co-curricular experiences. Events throughout these days are carefully selected to assist with your transition into our MCLA college community.

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum combines the strong foundation of a traditional curriculum with alternative paths that strengthen your skills.


We encourage you to do an internship in your junior or senior year, in a field related to your major because you gain practical experience that complements the more theoretical lessons learned in the classroom. In addition, you can make important contacts in the business world, contacts that may lead to letters of references or even job offers.

Center for Student Success and Engagement: Career Services

Your partner for success

Check out the Career Services internship opportunities if you are interested in internship possibilities or to gain work experience in general. Our staff will refer you when necessary to your academic department to help you determine course credit. We will prepare you for the opportunity and guide you through the process.

Community Based Learning

Apply knowledge gained in classes to real-life situations by helping to address pressing needs in the community or by supporting a campus initiative.

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Travel Courses

Our travel courses are academic courses that also meet regularly on campus before and following travel to places like England, Ireland, and Japan.

Undergraduate Research

Our Undergraduate Research Program encompasses independent scholarly activity by students in the arts, humanities, and sciences. We celebrate this research at a year-end conference.

Honors Program

Highly motivated students can take advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities by joining the honors program.


After all your hard work, walk through the gates again and celebrate with your friends and family!

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